Community projects


The founding organisation of  the Turtle Watch, TCP always aimed for community based conservation, also in Rekawa, supporting the village in many ways. Rekawa is a small village near Tangalle, in the district of Hambantota in southern Sri Lanka. The village lies in between Rekawa Beach and a large saline lagoon surrounded by extensive mangrove forests. Rekawa Beach is the most important turtle nesting beach in Sri Lanka and the village of Rekawa knows a very high biodiversity. Still, the average income of families in Rekawa was relatively low. Therefore TCP heavily invested in involving and helping the Rekawa community and its environment by organizing numerous projects. For more information, please visit

TCP’s succesful approach was to establish these projects so that they over time became self-sustainable. Many of these projects are now adopted by the community, supported by NFR or no longer necessary.

Current community activities

Nowadays, in cooperation with NFR and the volunteers, there are still many community activities. Please go to the Volunteering subpage to find more information.