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What you need to know before visit us

What you need to know

Here you will find some important information on how our turtle watch evening is organized, as well as some useful pointers. In short:
  • The Turtle Watch evenings take place on every day of the year. A booking in advance is (not yet) necessary.
  • We have the opportunity to see turtles every day, but the chance depends on which season you are visiting:
    • High season for turtles: April – July. Approximately 5-15 turtles between sunset and sunrise.
    • Low season for turtles: October – January. Approximately 1-2 turtles between sunset and sunrise.
  • We start daily at 8.30pm. Please make sure to arrive before 9.00pm latest to make sure you don’t miss any early turtles.To keep the disturbance to turtles low, we usually only try to show you one nesting turtle. We only show turtles that arrive before midnight.
  • As long as there is no turtle spotted by our nest protectors, we remain waiting at the Visitor Center. If, especially in low season, no turtle has arrived before 11.30pm, the guide will usually call it bad luck and end the turtle watch.
  • At the beach we put the interests of the turtles first. This means we wait until she is finished digging her nest and only watch her when laying eggs (in smaller groups) or when she is going back (only from behind). Waiting for the turtle might take one to two hours or more. You are NOT allowed to use flash or white/yellow torches.
  • If a turtle is on the beach, you can get your admission ticket before entering the beach. If by any chance you won’t see a turtle (e.g. it returned to sea before you arrived on location), you can ask for a refund (by handing in your ticket) but all support for conservation is still very welcome – this is a self-sustainable community project, with no external funding.
  • Tickets are 1500 Rupee per person, 500 for children, when seeing a turtle. Locals (Sri Lankans) pay 500 Rupee.With the money you help protect the beach and turtles. If there is no turtle, all donations are highly appreciated.
Please take some time to go through the subpages here, to manage expectations and for useful suggestions. 

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