Turtles in Rekawa

Out of seven turtle species, five species (also) live in Asian waters and all could come to nest at Rekawa beach – some are unfortunately very rare. You could see the following sea turtle species:

  • Green turtle (most common, all year around)
  • Olive Ridley turtle (common)
  • The Loggerhead Turtle (rare)
  • Hawksbill Turtle (very rare)
  • The Leatherback Turtle (very rare)

Please refer to the subpages to learn more about them.

All female turtles come back to the beach they were born to lay their nests. Usually the male turtles never touch land again. Every two or three years a female turtle lays four or five nests. One nest consists of 80 till 150 eggs. It takes around two months for the hatchlings to come out, depending on the temperature. The temperature also decided whether the hatchlings are male of female or both. It takes them a few days to come out and rush to the sea, usually during the night so it is very rare for guests to spot them. And if they are able to survive their first vulnerable years when their shell has not hardened yet, they will come back to Rekawa around 25 years later to lay their own nests…