What you can do for turtles

  • Keep all beaches and sea clean. Don’t randomly throw plastic or other non-biodegradable¬†objects away.
  • Switch off or cover bright lights which are visible from a nesting beach.
  • Don’t dig out the nests. Turtles, their nests and hatchlings are protected by (international) law.
  • Don’t touch any turtle eggs, as you might infect them with some bacteria.
  • Don’t move nest signs or protective cages above turtle nests.
  • Don’t touch turtles or hatchlings. It is important that hatchlings find their own way to the sea.
  • Don’t light fires at night on nesting beaches.
  • Avoid using vehicles on the beach. Avoid going fast in a motor boat, close to a nesting beach.
  • Keep voices to a minimum and walk lightly near turtles. Turtles are deaf but can feel vibrations.
  • Only buy and eat sustainably caught fish. Many turtles get trapped and die in fishing nets.
  • Inform people about the need to protect turtles and their safe nesting environments.
  • …And, of course, come and support the Turtle Watch in Rekawa!