Our rules and helpful tips

Please keep in mind that this nature spectacle is very special. Turtles are a vulnerable (even endangered) species and we are guests on their beach – not the other way around.

  • Please follow any instruction of our guides and/or volunteers at all times.
  • Flash photography or bright lights are NOT ALLOWED AT ALL TIMES. Bright white light is very harsh to the senses of a turtle, and might prevent other turtles coming to the beach.
  • Do not use your own torches with white/yellow light. We only use red light near the turtles – the red part of the light spectrum is nearly invisible to turtles.
  • Please NEVER TOUCH turtles or hatchlings.
  • Please do not drink on the beach. We have a zero tolerance policy on the consumption of alcohol.
  • Please do not smoke or use drugs on the beach.
  • Please take all your belongings (including trash) back with you to prevent pollution of the beach or the sea.
  • We stay together as a group during the time we are on the beach. Do not leave the group before notifying one of our guides.
  • Please keep your belongings close at all times. While the beach is safe, we are not responsible for the loss of bags, cameras or other possessions.

Other suggestions:

  • Most of our nest protectors don’t speak English. Please be patient, listen closely and refer to the information sheets and posters in our Visitor Center.
  • Since nights might get  (very) crowded, please approach our guides and/or volunteers proactively. They are always happy to answer your questions.
  • Please dress decently. Rekawa is a rural village and does not have a lot of tourism. Especially for women it is highly recommendable to cover their shoulders and knees.
  • During high tide, there is a chance of you getting wet feet. Be sure your shoes can get wet.
  • It is best to wear darker, non-reflective clothes to diminish the chance that a turtle notices you.
  • We normally don’t have a lot of sandflies or mosquitoes, but bring some insect repellent to prevent any bites.
  • During the rain season, there is a chance of (heavy) rain. Please bring an umbrella or raincoat when you think it might be wise.